Tuesday, 26 December 2006

See you in 2007!

Although I have every intent of updating this blog, I have given myself a holiday until January 8. I will be entertaining guests for Christmas and New Year.
Have a wonderful Christmas and a great New Year's party. See you in 2007!

Wednesday, 20 December 2006

Movie Review: Happy Feet!

The movie is ok. A little disappointing but still a good watch. Starring Nicole Kidman, Robbie Williams and Elijah Wood, this entertaining movie is about a penguin who is just born different than the rest of the crowd. He cannot sing beautifully like the rest of his tribe. However, he does the "unpenguin thing" of beautifully tap dancing to the inner music he hears inside of himself. Asked to reform, and learn to sing or else be shunned by all (even his own father), he decides to remain true to himself and so the moral of the movie: Be true to yourself and good things do happen.

The music is excellent, and the performances magnificent. I would have liked to have more depth of story and at times it felt as if the plot was somehow unstructured. But nonetheless I enjoyed it tremendously.

Four More Days To Xmas!

Hello everyone:
Sorry I haven't been writing in, but ChiChi is so busy getting ready for Xmas. Having house guests as well, and preparing a big feast, as well as entertainment for the guests. In the next few days will post some tips on really useful measures that have always been a great help to me in these stress filled days.... See you soon!

Sunday, 10 December 2006

Restaurant Review: Cafe Rouge Greenwich (3/5)

As soon as you walk into the Cafe Rouge, you feel as if you've been transported to the set of the once famous 'alo alo' comedy series.You are asked at the door to wait to be seated, and then led to a section of your choice (smoking or non-smoking), although due to the size of the place it doesn't really make much of a difference, except maybe in the summer when you can sit outside.

Mr. ChiChi junior was brought his colors and coloring book (with a children's varied well- put menu attached to it). We had no problem finding something that he liked. The adult's menu is quite varied, but on the whole too extensive. By the time you read the whole thing, you really start to get confused. Finally we settled for the croque Salmon with Gruyere cheese, Salmon Cakes, Chicken Ceasar Salad, Pasta with mushrooms and the 8oz steak. We ordered a glass each of the red house wine, which was just fine.

After all our orders were placed, we efficiently received our wine and then began the wait especially for Mr. ChiChi junior's food. Although, when it did arrive, his chicken strips tasted excellent and so did the plate presentation. One tip though: the portion was way too little. Three scrawny pieces of chicken do not constitute a meal.

Once we received our dishes, we'd already gone through the bread basket twice (which comes amazingly hot and fresh). The Croque Salmon was delicious, beautifully presented and done just right. The Steak on the other hand, although ordered to be medium rare came well done and slightly burnt. It was definitely disappointing in taste as well as presentation.The Pasta was a bit on the buttery side with the pasta shells a bit over cooked, but the vegetables were fresh, and the portion was just right.The Chicken Ceasar salad was excellent. One of the best that I've had around Greenwich. The shaved parmesan was fresh and the presentation was beautiful. The Salmon Cakes were marvelous.

We finished our meal with coffee, and then asked for the bill. It came efficiently although accompanied by four pieces of what looked like moth balls which turned out to be minted candy. All in all, the atmosphere is pleasant although a review of the menu would definitely be a big plus (it was just too big and elaborate for a cafe) and the staff although friendly, were undernumbered."

Thursday, 7 December 2006

A Must-See!

WITH ALL the Christmas performances taking place across the Greenwich borough, 'Sleeping Beauty' is one to mark on your calendar. Performed at the Greenwich Theatre, it promises "one hundred years of magic in one glittering pantomime", and on that it delivers.
ChiChi & Mr. ChiChi junior caught the morning show (advisable if you have young kids who are either rowdy or at the theater for the first time). Looking at the faces you could tell the pantomime had achieved exactly what it had set out to do; provide entertainment, develop theatre-appreciation in the children, and make it the most pleasurable experience. Even the grown-ups were hooked.
This is a pantomime packed with sound and visual effects. The lines are easy for the kids to grasp, the jokes light, the costumes sparkly and the atmosphere very positive. There's even a few moral or two thrown in there for good measure. The cast is a strong one, although I must admit that most of the show's success goes to Super Nanny, whose presence is both confusing and amusing. But the star of the show she definitely was. Her presence is very very hard to miss.
This may not be a West End production, but the cast members offer a very noteworthy performance nonetheless. Bravo to all of them! well done!
'Sleeping Beauty' runs up to Saturday, January 6 at the Greenwich Theatre, Crooms Hill, Greenwich, SE 10 8ES. You can contact the theatre to book or just do it online at www.greenwichtheatre.org.uk

Monday, 4 December 2006

People, People Everywhere!

It was just incredible! the hundreds of thousands who flocked to Oxford street this saturday was a sight! Since it was closed off to vehicles, there was real space to move around. Mr. ChiChi & son did end up coming with me and that was probably the best thing. There was so much to see. The marching band, the jazz performance, the cross-dressers were all great but probably the best performance were the drummers. They beat in harmony, with such passion that made the crowds go mad. Mr. ChiChi's son said hello to Rupert Bear, and smiled shyly at a beautiful fairy on stilts.

The X-mas decorations were just fabulous. Albeit the amount of energy wasted must be enormous (and with so much on the news of people without heating in their homes this winter) but regardless it remains a beautiful sight. If you still haven't been, stop procrastinating and get going. If shopping is on your mind, darling forget about the weekends. ChiChi tried and tried so desperately to get into the shops, and when I finally managed it dahling, there was no way I could try on anything. The cues were just so long and the attempt was too much for fragile ChiChi and so I did what most of the people around me were doing. I browsed and looked and just enjoyed the whole event. But if it's gift shopping you're after then stick to a week day.

The shops who've gone all out and which ChiChi liked were Hamley's and Debenhams. Didn't like the Miss Selfridge one. Get over the Victorian theme guys. ChiChi is soooo bored with it already. ChiChi also found beautiful Santa hats that light up at the press of a button and it just looked adorable on Mr. ChiChi's son...

The experience all in all was a great one. It was a little sad because ChiChi did not get to buy anything for herself, but you know sometimes it is just a pleasure to watch, listen and take it all in!

Saturday, 2 December 2006

Off to Oxford Street!

I'm off to Oxford Street, London today. The street will be closed to cars transforming it all to a pedestrian area. It's just for today. That way cars can't get to ChiChi while deliriously skipping from one shop to the next. Think I'll leave Mr. ChiChi and son at home. They do tend to put a damper on ChiChi's heavenly time at the shops. Will be back with a review!

Friday, 1 December 2006

Xmas Tree decorations!

I have just found the most adorable, fashionable, and affordable Christmas tree decorations in Greenwich, London.... the best so far are the following:

Hide All (within the covered part of Greenwich Market): forget baubles and tinsel, these are a must-have on your tree this season. ChiChi got a few herself. Instead of tinsel, this shop has candy strings (shiny and colorful), ChiChi loves the little gold slippers that would look just wonderful up there on the tree. Each one costs about 4.99 pounds only. Cutie!

Red Gheko: Also in the covered part of Greenwich. This sells the most adorable handmade fairies ever. The feathered ones are for 9.95 pounds, while the bauble-come-decorated fairy is for 7.5 pounds. A bit on the expensive side but these will last for years to come.

Let the Merry Times Begin!

If anyone is wondering this is not another one of those posts celebrating or bashing xmas. This morning I woke up with just a happy sense of achievement. Being the anal being that I am, my christmas tree is up and going, lights, fairies, and all... and that is why I feel good about myself. Of course, the whole family helped (Mr. ChiChi & son), but I'll tell you what: it wasn't that fairytale image of "let's put the tree up and celebrate", hell no! I'm a virgo and all virgoans are anal and pretty much a pain in the ass. We have our own way of doing things, and it's sadly our way or the high way. So, as pretty and as lovely was the experience of bossing all around of where to put what where, as stressful it was to do so. But ChiChi dahling is so used to it. With wine in hand, and fairies in the other, the job was done. Injury-free! Mr. ChiChi & son actually got to participate (albeit with quashed attempts at spontaneity) and all in all it went well.

Casino Royale 007

Wow, wow, ooh la la... what a hunk! dashing, mesmerizing.. absolutely out of this world. Daniel Craig is just too hot to handle. And they said he couldn't be James Bond. I think the reason he did succeed was that he really isn't James Bond. Yes, Pierce Brosnan made a great James Bond but he'd make a great anything dressed in a suit. Now, this one though, the more clothes you take off him the more James Bond you reveal. At the end of the movie, you can honestly feel that the acting is no more, this guy actually believes and makes us believe too that he really is James Bond.

The best part of the movie for me was the lack of gadgets. Finally a real action movie, just like the old days; punching, kicking and the good old-fashioned near range gun shooting (preceded by decadent cliches)! ChiChi loved it!
And I must say that I, ChiChi, just absolutely loved the red lipstick that Bond girl wore. I think I know what I'm shopping for tomorrow.. red red red lipstick.

ChiChi says: More on Bond in posts to come!