Monday, 4 December 2006

People, People Everywhere!

It was just incredible! the hundreds of thousands who flocked to Oxford street this saturday was a sight! Since it was closed off to vehicles, there was real space to move around. Mr. ChiChi & son did end up coming with me and that was probably the best thing. There was so much to see. The marching band, the jazz performance, the cross-dressers were all great but probably the best performance were the drummers. They beat in harmony, with such passion that made the crowds go mad. Mr. ChiChi's son said hello to Rupert Bear, and smiled shyly at a beautiful fairy on stilts.

The X-mas decorations were just fabulous. Albeit the amount of energy wasted must be enormous (and with so much on the news of people without heating in their homes this winter) but regardless it remains a beautiful sight. If you still haven't been, stop procrastinating and get going. If shopping is on your mind, darling forget about the weekends. ChiChi tried and tried so desperately to get into the shops, and when I finally managed it dahling, there was no way I could try on anything. The cues were just so long and the attempt was too much for fragile ChiChi and so I did what most of the people around me were doing. I browsed and looked and just enjoyed the whole event. But if it's gift shopping you're after then stick to a week day.

The shops who've gone all out and which ChiChi liked were Hamley's and Debenhams. Didn't like the Miss Selfridge one. Get over the Victorian theme guys. ChiChi is soooo bored with it already. ChiChi also found beautiful Santa hats that light up at the press of a button and it just looked adorable on Mr. ChiChi's son...

The experience all in all was a great one. It was a little sad because ChiChi did not get to buy anything for herself, but you know sometimes it is just a pleasure to watch, listen and take it all in!

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