Sunday, 10 December 2006

Restaurant Review: Cafe Rouge Greenwich (3/5)

As soon as you walk into the Cafe Rouge, you feel as if you've been transported to the set of the once famous 'alo alo' comedy series.You are asked at the door to wait to be seated, and then led to a section of your choice (smoking or non-smoking), although due to the size of the place it doesn't really make much of a difference, except maybe in the summer when you can sit outside.

Mr. ChiChi junior was brought his colors and coloring book (with a children's varied well- put menu attached to it). We had no problem finding something that he liked. The adult's menu is quite varied, but on the whole too extensive. By the time you read the whole thing, you really start to get confused. Finally we settled for the croque Salmon with Gruyere cheese, Salmon Cakes, Chicken Ceasar Salad, Pasta with mushrooms and the 8oz steak. We ordered a glass each of the red house wine, which was just fine.

After all our orders were placed, we efficiently received our wine and then began the wait especially for Mr. ChiChi junior's food. Although, when it did arrive, his chicken strips tasted excellent and so did the plate presentation. One tip though: the portion was way too little. Three scrawny pieces of chicken do not constitute a meal.

Once we received our dishes, we'd already gone through the bread basket twice (which comes amazingly hot and fresh). The Croque Salmon was delicious, beautifully presented and done just right. The Steak on the other hand, although ordered to be medium rare came well done and slightly burnt. It was definitely disappointing in taste as well as presentation.The Pasta was a bit on the buttery side with the pasta shells a bit over cooked, but the vegetables were fresh, and the portion was just right.The Chicken Ceasar salad was excellent. One of the best that I've had around Greenwich. The shaved parmesan was fresh and the presentation was beautiful. The Salmon Cakes were marvelous.

We finished our meal with coffee, and then asked for the bill. It came efficiently although accompanied by four pieces of what looked like moth balls which turned out to be minted candy. All in all, the atmosphere is pleasant although a review of the menu would definitely be a big plus (it was just too big and elaborate for a cafe) and the staff although friendly, were undernumbered."

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Greg said...

I always used to think that any Cafe Rouge London was just a cafe until I wandered into one at nighttime to what was going on. The food is uite good, provided you don't catch them on a bad night.