Wednesday, 20 December 2006

Movie Review: Happy Feet!

The movie is ok. A little disappointing but still a good watch. Starring Nicole Kidman, Robbie Williams and Elijah Wood, this entertaining movie is about a penguin who is just born different than the rest of the crowd. He cannot sing beautifully like the rest of his tribe. However, he does the "unpenguin thing" of beautifully tap dancing to the inner music he hears inside of himself. Asked to reform, and learn to sing or else be shunned by all (even his own father), he decides to remain true to himself and so the moral of the movie: Be true to yourself and good things do happen.

The music is excellent, and the performances magnificent. I would have liked to have more depth of story and at times it felt as if the plot was somehow unstructured. But nonetheless I enjoyed it tremendously.

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