Friday, 1 December 2006

Xmas Tree decorations!

I have just found the most adorable, fashionable, and affordable Christmas tree decorations in Greenwich, London.... the best so far are the following:

Hide All (within the covered part of Greenwich Market): forget baubles and tinsel, these are a must-have on your tree this season. ChiChi got a few herself. Instead of tinsel, this shop has candy strings (shiny and colorful), ChiChi loves the little gold slippers that would look just wonderful up there on the tree. Each one costs about 4.99 pounds only. Cutie!

Red Gheko: Also in the covered part of Greenwich. This sells the most adorable handmade fairies ever. The feathered ones are for 9.95 pounds, while the bauble-come-decorated fairy is for 7.5 pounds. A bit on the expensive side but these will last for years to come.

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