Friday, 3 December 2010

This Saturday At Blackheath Halls


Aladdin and his mates like mucking about down at the market place. His Mum, Mrs Din, dreams of being more than just a school dinner lady. A TV chef perhaps? Then Aladdin claps eyes on the beautiful Princess Badou and his heart beats to a new tune. At the same time, an enchanting stranger enters his life and promises riches beyond belief - turning the existence of Aladdin and his mum upside down.

Meanwhile at the Palace, the Sultan announces the forthcoming wedding of his daughter Badou to the Grand Vizier's son, Twit.

Can Aladdin win his Princess? Will Mrs Din cook anything eatable? Will the Genie of the Ring get off the loo in time? Shall the Sorcerer gain the upper hand, as well as the biggest? And can the Grand Vizier solve the mystery of that lamp?

Suitable for ages 5 - 11 years


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Castors said...

Very funny Photo here hahaha i really enjoyed it thanks for sharing