Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Recycle your Christmas cards with the Woodland Trust at Greenwich Shopping Park

Give a present back to the environment this Christmas by recycling your cards with the Woodland Trust.

By recycling your cards in special bins in WHSmith at Greenwich Shopping Park, off Bugsby’s Way in Charlton, this January, you will be helping the charity reach its target – to plant 12,000 native trees or an area of woodland half the size of London Zoo!

Since the Woodland Trust started its Christmas Card Recycling Scheme, a total of 659m cards have been recycled - 59m last year alone, which funded the planting of 14,000 trees.

In the 12 years of the project, 13,080 tonnes of cards have been collected, allowing the Trust to plant 155,000 trees

The big difference this year is that if people visit our web site and pledge to recycle, they can choose the planting region for the trees they are helping to fund.

To pledge, simply click onto

Paul Hetherington, from the Woodland Trust said: “Each year we value the wonderful support from everyone who recycles their Christmas cards with the Trust, which makes a huge difference to our work! This is why we want to say a big thank you this year by giving people the opportunity to choose where their trees are planted.”

Money to enable the Trust to plant trees is generated from donations from the participating retailers.

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