Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Exhibition at Viewfinder Gallery: Make Your Mark

Exhibition dates: 14 to 31 January 2010Photographers: Naomi Stannard, Anna Hindocha & Ioana Marinescu,Curator: Louise Forrester.

'Make Your Mark' brings together the striking work of three photographers – each series explores how the placing of a mark in an environment recreates the space. Marks are documented at three very different scales: in cupboards, in rooms and across cities.

Naomi Stannard's series 'The House I Once Called Home' documents her childhood home, and the ways in which personal belongings transform a built space into a home. By photographing each meticulously labeled cupboard, the artist creates her own archive, and in effect, a portrait of her family through their own marking.

Anna Hindocha's work investigates the personal and political use of urban space in London. The artist photographs modifications made to rooms by their inhabitants, from eccentric workshops to murals in squatted social centres. Her series 'The People's City' examines manipulated spaces that appear static, but through their physical modifications speak of history and activity.

Architectural photographer Ioana Marinescu's documentation of gas pipes in Romania reveals how the insertion of a line changes the perception of a space completely. The pipes can be seen as inadvertent municipal branding, as the yellow line of pipes traverses the city.

Curator Louise Forrester comments: "I'm delighted to exhibit these three intriguing projects, which are each so visually distinct but all speak of the marks we make on our environments. I hope that these images will encourage visitors to become aware of their own mark making, and to think about reading the marks that surround us all."

Whether subtle manipulation or willful transformation, Make Your Mark imaginatively considers the many ways in which our personal histories are written in the spaces that surround us. This unique exhibition is a timely reminder of our relationships to our environments,and should not be missed.

This exhibition follows the 2008 exhibition 'Marking/Erasing' at the Viewfinder, in which mark making was employed as part of the image making process.

Make Your Mark is supported by Ambigraph

Upcoming Workshop: Make Your Mark
31 January, free

Join two of the exhibiting photographers (Anna Hindocha and Naomi Stannard) for a creative workshop, accompanying the exhibition 'Make Your Mark'.

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