Thursday, 2 October 2008


Greenwich's Viewfinder Photography Gallery announces a vibrant and eclectic exhibition that illustrates journeys to and from the Indian subcontinent – as well as showing the journeys that Asian culture has taken from its traditional homelands to contemporary, urban and multicultural contexts.

DestinAsian: Viewfinder is a group show featuring submissions from both professional and non-professional photographers of various ethnicities, from around the world. Some these include pictures taken from 'Indian Women: The Roles Revised', an expo organised by the Drik agency. Displaying a wide range of images including portraiture, landscapes and documentary-style photos – the show also reveals fascinating personal narratives around themes of identity and migration.

The exhibition, which runs from 6 to 16 November 2008, seeks to avoid clich├ęd representations of life in the Indian subcontinent and present images with a particularly original or different perspective. These pictures – many of which will be for sale -- also aim to address issues that matter to contemporary audiences, but in way that is honest, unpretentious and accessible.

The show is being guest-curated by Bombay Mix, which stages various events of contemporary Asian culture -- particularly for new audiences and venues. It is being held alongside other events at the Greenwich Picturehouse cinema and The National Maritime Museum, as part of Bombay Mix's annual DestinAsians festival. In keeping with the museum's remit, many of the images depict travel, transport and journeys -- in both literal and metaphorical senses.

For further details see DestinAsian is part of Photomonth, the largest photography festival in the UK:

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