Tuesday, 22 May 2007

Greenwich: A Village In Mourning!

Today's brighter skies in London have not been enough to lift the spirits over at the Cutty Sark. Just back from my morning walk, I went to pay my respects to the old ship and of course I wasn't alone. Families had gathered round taking photos of their kids with the wounded vessel. Although crew members still linger on (the Duke of Edinburgh is supposed to pay a visit to the site this afternoon), and although a lot of observers continue to mill around, the mood is quiet, sombre and very respectful. All that was missing really were the flower garlands (but I have a feeling those are yet to make an appearance).

The vessel, a celebrity most of her life, continues to shine through. Various questions still have to be answered concerning the cause of the fire that ravaged through it yesterday morning, but until then the Cutty Sark even in its sad appearing state stands tall still, bruised but not down.

The vessel had been undergoing major restoration worth of course millions of pounds and among the things I overheard a group of young men saying was "good riddance, now the project money can go to more good use". I have to unfailingly disagree with these few as the Cutty Sark has and if allowed to will always be a tourist attraction and a major money maker for the area. Even now, the shops around it from Starbucks, to local Greenwich shops are overflowing not only with media crews but also with visitors who come to be, as if consolingly, beside their beloved ship.

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