Monday, 21 May 2007

The Cutty Sark: History in Flames!

What a shocker and what a thing to wake up to this morning. The Cutty Sark has been engulfed by a huge fire. What a shame really and it being the most visited landmark in Greenwich along with the Observatory.

A famous nineteenth century clipper that had withstood so much up until now. It had been under renovation and therefore closed off to the public. The police are treating it as a suspicious fire and here's hoping that the damage is only superficial as parts of it had already been taken out of the premises for restoration procedures. The fire has been brought under control and the residents around the area have been told to return to their homes as they had been evacuated early this morning.

Complete damage figures are yet to be announced as the investigation goes on at the site. All roads around the Greenwich Cutty Sark area have been closed but the DLR has reopened.

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