Tuesday, 10 April 2007

Scooby Doo Live: Cartoon Classic Alive On Stage

The touring performance of Scooby Doo Live is on its way. We caught the show at the Apollo Hammersmith, at the insistence of Mr. ChiChi junior. Having nothing else to do and with the Easter and Bank holidays well under way, I skimmed the Internet for tickets, booked them and we were off to see the show.

The attendance was impressive, not that I had had any doubt that it would be otherwise. It is afterall a very popular TV show up to this day, although I personally prefer the old version of it. Anyway, back to the stage performance, it started out pretty charming with all the 'gang' on stage dancing and shaking to groovy music. Then the story begins with the gang on holiday visiting Daphne's uncle in Hollywood who happens to be shooting a Monster Movie at the Clawhammer Studios. The young Americans end up, of course, solving a mystery right there on the set revolving around the legend of "The Spectre".

The show is fun for all the family (although adults may find it a tad too long and a bit silly at times) but the play serves its purpose and entertains its audience. It delivers well on the cartoon's catchy phrases like Fred's "Let's split up gang", and Shaggy's "Zoinks" to give a really entertaining show. The music is good and the special effects are quite nice. My favorite was Shaggy (who really does the part well) and Scooby Doo, and its those characters that most of the audience had come to see anyway. Although Shaggy was the star of the show by far. And by the end of the show, I started to feel sorry for the person in the Scooby suit (it must be hard)!

At the event the kids can purchase a ton of memorabilia ranging from shiny Scooby mirrors to souvenir brochures (that comes with its own huge poster of the gang). All in all, it was fun, entertaining and above all it kept the kids entertained. The tour lasts until September, so check here to see when it will come to a theatre near you.

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