Tuesday, 10 April 2007

The Blackheath Morris Men: An Easter Success!

It's good to be back after the few days off. The weather here in Greenwich was great for just spending hour after hour outside. The streets of the town were so busy and the park overflowing with guests both locally and from far. It was just laid back easy Easter Sunday. Greenwich Village festivities at the Market and at the Cutty Sark went on uninterrupted from Saturday to Monday.

The highlight of the events, were the Blackheath Morris Men, these boys never fail to charm with their wit, their charm and their genuine pleasantness. They truly look happy to be there. I had caught their act (also at the Cutty Sark Gardens) last Christmas, and I was equally pleased that they had not lost any of that charm. They do seem like a cheeky lot ready for the next pint but their laughter and candour as contagious that they soon had the whole crowd cheering and laughing. Sure, for those of you who watched, they did miss a step or two at times, but all in all it was a pleasant display. The kids were equally enthralled as well.

The fun part was the "lifting" ceremony that these cheeky boys perform. According to a brochure they distributed at the site, it is the simple compliment of being elevated in Eostre's Throne of Flowers - Eostre was the Anglo-Saxon Goddess of Spring and Fertility). They had to choose a virgin lady (uhum) from the crowd and lift her up in the chair, twirl her twice around and once the woman was put down she'd have to give each one of them a kiss in thanks. Applause, a cheering crowd, and blushing ladies made for an amusing sight. Good fun really.

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