Monday, 5 March 2007

Greenwich Park Bar & Grill (3/5)

Whimsy ChiChi absolutely loves this laid back place. It definitely is a place that boasts the best food among its peers in the neighborhood. The ambiance of the place is plain modern European, and spacious to accommodate a wide range of customers although not many tables are available. It could get really busy around eating times. The place also has a secluded outdoor area for summer days.

The menu is diverse, with a set menu for the day or a la carte. Whichever way you go, rest assured. Their chef is brilliant. A kids' menu is also available with a wide variety of choices tailored for young ones.

This weekend, Whimsy ChiChi had the burgers (excellent quality), the same goes for the fries, While Mr. ChiChi went for the hot dogs. It was a good choice, but it could have done well without all the relish on the top (maybe they should have it on the side). But other than that the bread was fresh and the hot dog superb. ChiChi junior had the chicken strips that were tender, not oily, and the quantity was generous. Bravo for knowing what keeps the kids happy.

Whimsy ChiChi's guests opted for the chicken roll and the Italian sausage roll. They came wrapped in the most amazing pita bread. The Italian sausage roll had a tomato base sauce and parsley (messy to eat but delicious), and the chicken roll came with a wonderful garlic yogurt sauce (beats mayonnaise anytime).

The only thing I would say about the place is that the service is slow, although the waiters extremely polite but they do seem to be understaffed as the tables were left unattended for new customers for quite some time. We were sitting at our table waiting for it to be cleaned after the people before us for a good fifteen minutes.

The place has a seating area downstairs with a a really nice spacious bar (perfect for family brunches, afternoon coffee). Their bar stocks the finest wines and beer. There is a dining area upstairs with its own bar as well. The place also boasts a tree house which you can book for special occasions and events. Children are welcome until 7pm (they have a great kid's menu and highchairs) and toilets for the disabled. Seperate smokers and non smokers tables.

This is definitely a place to visit time and time again. Bravo!

Average Price: £35 for 2 persons

Greenwich Park Bar & Grill
1 King William Walk
SE10 9JY


Sophisticate at Arms said...

I often stay in Greenwich. What other eating places would you recommend?

Whimsy ChiChi said...

Well if you want a place a little bit upscale then i would recommend the Spread Eagle. It never fails. Outstanding.
For a bit of Greenwich glamour, I would also recommend the Plume of Feathers as an oustanding pub and restaurant. It is situated on Park Vista close to Greenwich park.
It would help if you told me what types of food you like as that could narrow down the options.

Sophisticate at Arms said...

Thanks! Italian food is a favourite. Also car parking is very important.

Whimsy ChiChi said...

Pizza Express is great if you're into fancy pizza. You can't go wrong with them. There is a parking lot close to the Cutty Sark gardens which is only a five minute walk to the pizzeria.
For good Italian you could try Inside, a new modern European restaurant on 19 greenwich south street, SE10 8NW (will be posting a full review on them next week). There is Car park a few meteres away from it also.

Sophisticate at Arms said...

Thanks again!