Friday, 23 February 2007

Bar du Musee (0/5)

I've been postponing a review on this place for some time. I have actually been to eat there twice just to make sure I wasn't being unfair. My verdict is out and so is that place.

Bar du Musee in Greenwich, combines the best of all worlds when it comes to food, it's a deli/coffee house,a bar and a restaurant. And the good things about it end there. Maybe it is this large expansion into all these sections that make it weak at every thing that it offers (except for its wine selection).

Yesterday, Whimsy ChiChi and Mr. ChiChi had a visitor over from abroad. We started out at the pub, (they boast the best wines in Greenwich), having no intention of eating there (because of my bad brush with their food last time) but then it got late and our companion was hungry so we said "what the heck" and went for it. Big mistake yet again!

This time for starters I opted for the carpaccio. What I received was so beyond carpaccio it wasn't even funny. The only thing it shared with carpaccio was probably that the chef there called THAT hideous dish by the same name. There were no thinly sliced strips of meat, there was no fusion of balsamic vinegar and olive oil. Hell, there was no oil and no balsamic vinegar all together. All I got was some salty greens on top of thick sliced meat laden with capers. Now, I've had my fair share of carpaccio along the years and never ever have I had capers with it. It was sour and salty. Unfortunately, I could not even finish the plate.

The bread and butter at the table had seen better days, so I stayed clear of those waiting for my main dish. I had asked for Penne with roasted vegetables. In all honesty, that was relatively good although very greasy (weren't the vegetables supposed to be roasted?) and I wasn't offered any Parmesan cheese to go with that. Huh?!

Mr. ChiChi had the endive salad for starters and ChiChi's dinner friend asked for the Goat's cheese salad. They were ok, but nothing to write about to back home. For their main course, they both chose the beef fillet which was pretty tender but the potatoes that came with it were pretty heavy.

Bar du Musee is not a place I would recommend if you've got dinner guests you want to impress. It is below mediocre and should clean up its act. This is sad because the interior of the place is absolutely divine, warm, cosy, and romantic. It even boasts an outdoor seating area for warm summer days. You come in not wanting to leave and after the food arrives you can't be coaxed back in to the place even if the food were to be given to you for free. Yes, it was that bad.

The service was below average, the toilets clean and the bill not too bad (about 30 pounds/person)

17 Nelson Road
London SE10 9JB
tel: 02088584710

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