Tuesday, 13 February 2007

Store Watch: JOY of Greenwich

If you're looking for something really sexy, funky, yet unique and classy, then look no further than JOY in Greenwich, London. This shop packs those extra items that go that extra mile.

From Burlesque-how-to-guides to love cheques, JOY on 9 Romney Road in Greenwich has it all. This wonderful zany place offers a wide selection of new clothes (product of upcoming British designers), shoes, bags and this-and-that gadgets that are funny, queer and yet endearing. You feel you just have to have it, even when you know you really don't need it. And the prices don't make it easier at all. Cheap, cheap and cheap.

JOY offers a Valentine's Day twist: You can make your own glittered sign for that cute guy or loved one and hang it in their display window. How's that for a little exhibitionism? Make the trip this weekend.

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