Friday, 12 March 2010

Los Dawsons at Pelton Arms This Sunday, March 14

The Los Dawson have sent in this note to invite you all to the Pelton Arms this Sunday, March 14 from 6pm onwards. They say it better than we can ever do and here's from them:

This should be fun, we are playing the usual flurry of varied music from our repetoire.. this should be a nice vibe (the beer is excellent) tell your friends and friends friends etc.. If you have not been to the Pelton Arms, its a wonderful Pub in Pelton Road off Christchurch Way wich runs north off Trafalgar Rd (Maze Hill end) towards the river Thames. The idea is to have a chilled post prandial music experience as the Sunday lunches are rather super...

Hope to see you there!
Cheers: The Los Dawsons
Mike Dearing
Ben Hillyard
Dave Burrluck
Dana Myzer

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