Friday, 7 August 2009

The Second Greenwich Annuale

An exhibition by the Greenwich Satellite Group of London Independent Photography
Private view: Thursday 20 August, 6.30 to 8.30pm

Exhibition dates: 21 August to 30 August 2009

The Greenwich group of London Independant Photography returns to Viewfinder Photography Gallery in August for an exhibition reflecting the diverse styles, ideas and interests of this flourishing collection of both local and international photographers.

The Greenwich group formed in May 2007, meets monthly at Viewfinder and now numbers over 130 photographers. The diversity of this talent is reflected in the 2009 Annuale.

The inaugeral Annuale of 2008 featured over thirty photographers, gathered extensive press coverage and exceeded the hopes of all who contributed. Commentary on the exhibition remarked on the professionalism of the entries and the curatorial skill of the presentation. Selected as top exhibition to visit in the British Journal of Photography, it presented 34 photographs ranging from street photography to landscapes, from larger-than-life human portraits to pictures of pigeons.

The second Annuale, bigger and better, will present the work of over sixty photographers, a reflection of the growth of the group in the past year. Londoners dominate, the home counties send significant numbers and Europe (old and new) continues to contribute. The group is also blessed by those who join while passing through - those at college and university, those on secondment to London offices, those on short-term contract. Some join for one meeting, some never miss one.

The Greenwich group is inclusive - all ages, all stages. From those who bought a camera last week to those who bought one during the reign of the last King, all can enter the Annuale and all are accepted.

Participating photographers:
Neville Austin, Dan Bachmann, Quentin Ball, Debra Bazell, Jane Bowden, Nicky Boyd, Stephen Brockerton, Corin Ashleigh Brown, Catherine Caitlin, Bashkar Charavarti, Anita Chandra, Lisa Chillingworth, Alicia Clarke, Nicholas Cobb, Anne Crabbe, Melany Darke, Brian Daubney, Robert Davies, Jenny Dawes, Siobhan Doran, Linda Duffy, Orde Eliason, Susan Folkes, Louise Forrester, Caroline Fraser, Bogdan Frymorgen, Anne-Marie Glasheen, Alan Golding, Elizabeth Gowing, Tony Hale, Laura Harding, Anna Hillman, Lotta Holmberg, Chris Hudson, Jenny Johnson Burrows, Tiffany Jones, Martin Jordan, Julie Kertesz, Marysia Lachowicz, Caroline Lamburd, Jennifer Lanier, John Levett, Gill Lightfoot, Stefan Lubomirski de Vaux, Peter Luck, Jon May, Dave Mason, Alex McIlhiney, Steve Miller, Alan Phinbow, Michael Rodgers, Nigel Rumsey, Paula Salischiker, Surinder Singh, Bob Smith, Krystina Stimakovits, David Thorpe, Duncan Unsworth, Joanne Wallace, Kate Wentworth, John Whitfield.

London Independent Photography (LIP for short) is an informal group of over four hundred amateur and professional photographers of all ages, backgrounds and levels of expertise. For over twenty years its members have come together to build a programme of practical workshops, master classes, talks and exhibitions. Its satellite groups meet up each month in various homes, galleries, studios and pubs throughout London to share work, arrange exhibitions and talk photography.

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