Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Beat the Dull Weather with TGG's Tips

With ghastly weather upon us today, we've come up with a few tricks to lifts those blues and put a smile on your face:

1. Make it a chocolate day (We're loving white Maltesers): we're giving you the best excuse ever to go out and buy bagloads of the stuff. From the first bite we could nearly swear the birds were chirping again and the sky was slightly less dull.

2. Go bright: Stand out from the dark dreary setting by donning yourself with bright colors from head to toe. Not only will that cute guy finally notice you but it should also make you feel like it's still summer even though the universe seems to disagree. A great day for red lipstick. Trust us, it works!

3. Book a manicure and pedicure: It's indoors and it will make you feel loved. Besides, they say the sun's coming out tomorrow so you'll be prepared whether for snuggling up (barefoot best) with someone if it doesn't or for donning your work sandals to work tomorrow if the sun does decide to shine. It's a win win situation.

4. Watch Big Brother: by the time you're done with an hour's watching (if you last that long), it should make your life and self esteem a hundred fold better.

5. Watch a movie: We're loving Atonement. It's depressing, it's romantic, it's the best way to end an already miserable day anyway. You can always start again tomorrow.

6. Wear a sunhat all day whether indoors or outdoors. We know it's raining but it's the summer dammit.

7. Have two (or three) glasses of wine. It's raining, the toes and manicures and pedicures have gone unnoticed, the hair's gone flat and frizzy. Enough said.

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