Thursday, 26 June 2008

THE PENNY DREADFULS at Greenwich Theatre

For two nights only (FRI 27 & SAT 28 June, 2008), THE PENNY DREADFULS, Aeneas Faversham Forever will be showing at Greenwich Theatre, Royal Hill.

As seen on BBC3, as heard on Radio 4, and from BBC7's The Brothers Faversham. The critically acclaimed Penny Dreadfuls present a brand new show of rip-roaring comic tales from the Victorian world of British sword-for-hire and gentleman Aeneas Faversham. Three of the best new comic actors in the UK, the cravatted and waistcoated David Reed, Humphrey Ker and Thom Tuck effortlessly affect a wealth of Dickensian characters.

Time: 20:30

For more info and to book click here.

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