Friday, 3 August 2007

The Circus Comes To Canary Wharf!

Why you should make an effort to go to Canary Wharf International Clown Week Festivities this weekend (see here):

1. Lots & lots of games for the kids with very very cool prizes (we are the proud owners of a cool looking Hulk!)
(the games are FREE).

2. The kids juggle, spin plates, and get to do a lot more with really friendly clowns and very talented acrobats.
(participation is FREE).

3. An insane amount of candyfloss and popcorn up for grabs.
(eat as much as you want and it's all FREE).

4. Balloons in all shapes, sizes and models.
(FREE throughout retail malls).

5. Crazy mirrors that make you laugh (and maybe weep).
(emotional roller coaster comes FREE).

6. Face painting
(you guessed it, that's FREE as well).

And Finally...

It makes the kids happy and that's PRICELESS!

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