Thursday, 30 August 2007

The Trafalgar Tavern (3/5)

I shan't give you all the hype you'd expect to hear about this place. Most of you know that it is possibly one of the oldest pubs in the area, that it commands the best location on this side of the River Thames is a no brainer, and that it has this element of history further enhanced with General Nelson's statue cutting a fine figure by its entrance. A picture beside the statue and voila you've got yourself free promotion on every tourist's photo package.

No I shan't elaborate on all that. Really. Because personally the allure of the place ends here for me. Part of the Inc group I am so disappointed at the standard of the place. Hygiene is at its worst. Most of the times you go there, the tables are sticky with someone else's ketchup or other grub you'd rather not come into contact with. The main hall, where the pub is, has a faint smell of urine to it (that's where the toilets are located) which makes you wish again for the smoke filled pub of not long ago.

We started our afternoon at the pub where not one single glass I ordered of wine arrived 'sans' fingerprints. It was incredible. At least you know they are quite well staffed judging by the variety of those prints. We later moved to the restaurant inside. I must admit the decor of the place takes a twist to the better here. Obviously someone there figured out that it would be a good idea to add some ambience to the place. The walls are heavily decorated with memorabilia and the views to the outside are unbeatable at any place in Greenwich. It could have been the scene outside, the candles, or even the wine but we were really starting to have a good time.

The service was quite efficient and our waiter was extremely nice and professional, the orders were taken promptly, and there were no delays. I had the fish and chips which was superb whereas my partner chose the steak which was not too great unfortunately. But all in all I must admit that we did have a wonderful time. Again the place has so much potential but is really left without a guiding hand which frankly is quite sad.

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Knit Nurse said...

We gave up on the Trafalgar long ago in favour of the Yacht next door. Funny you mention sticky tables - it's one of the first things I judge a pub on, and one of the main failings I find. Apparently the owners of Inc don't believe in beer mats. And it shows, in all their pubs.