Tuesday, 21 August 2007

My Summer Break: Embracing Bad Weather!

by Whimsy ChiChi

Well, some summer holiday that was! A sunless, rainy, and cloudy one. However, I shall not be the one to point out the ridiculousness of the forecasts as Diamond Geezer has done it so brilliantly (I can't possibly top that even if I tried, so I won't). Yes, I spent my holidays here at home, on lovely UK soil. And I loved every minute of it. Here's a list why a holiday at home made me feel wonderful (attention: the following rationale could be upsetting to some -- you have been warned):

1. Knowing some of my friends (and those I don't like) were rushing to work while I slept in and on.
2. Knowing that I didn't have to struggle with what to wear to work in this horrible summer weather.
3. Bad Hair Day? No mascara? No knickers? who cares ... I was on a break.
4. Meeting my mates for a drink after their day at work and having a bit too much because I could sleep it off next day (better yet, I could start the drinks earlier ... I was on a break).
5. Playing the tourist (I was Italian this time!)
6. Catching up on my favorite shows and watching day time TV (It is absolutely amazing how many DIY shows there are out there and by the way, The Clothes Show 2 is on each morning at ten on UKTVstyle.
7. Food shopping on weekday mornings is divine.

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