Tuesday, 24 July 2007

So Organic opens flagship store in Greenwich

So Organic has opened its flagship store in Greenwich’s bustling indoor market. So Organic’s full range from its online store will be available, including beauty products such as its own range of everyday basics, which can be found as you walk into the beauty department at the front of the store.

At the back of the shop is the house and home department. Here you can use the Ecover refill station and get everything for an organic home from silk filled duvets to
Biofa natural paints to loo rolls. There’s also a baby section where you can pick up your choice of washable or disposable eco nappies, maternity products and toiletries.

So Organic’s founder, Samantha Burlton, is on site to answer any customer queries and the shop has signed up to an ethical loyalty scheme so you could get
Bags of Change for your organic shopping.

Source: newconsumer.com

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