Sunday, 22 July 2007

Basketball Academy Set for Greenwich

London United, the capital's leading professional basketball team, is joining forces with the London Borough of Greenwich's 2012 Legacy Team to establish a new full-time basketball academy in the borough. The aim of the link-up is to nurture home grown talent for the London Olympics and beyond when the new G plus academy opens in September.

Organisers will draw on Greenwich's already successful G plus college scheme, which has created a new network of post-16 centres across the borough.The academy will focus on a schedule of combined basketball training and academic study.

Academic studies will be based at Shooters Hill Sixth Form College, whilst basketball tuition will take place at a brand new training facility at the nearby Eltham Green High School. The G plus academy will accept applications from all over the borough and surrounding areas. A total of 20 players will take place in the initiative, who will compete in around 40 over the season.

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