Monday, 11 June 2007

East London Brass At Greenwich Park Yesterday

The East London Brass Band played beautifully yesterday at Greenwich Park. People were obviously having a great time going about their picnic to the tunes that started at 2pm. It was lovely. And the kids had a great time mastering the act of trying to climb up the rails of the bandstand. So it was again fun for all at Greenwich Park. However, maybe next time amplifiers could be used to make the sound reach further out???? Just a thought.


Steve said...

It was a good gig, I was playing with the band that day. Amplifiers might be a bit too much I think!

Whimsy ChiChi said...

The performance was excellent and you could tell that by the crowd listening. It was just a shame the people further away couldn't hear. Always great to hear from someone actually from the event. Stay tuned and keep us up with other gigs you might be doing in the area so we can highlight them in the Greenwich Gazette for other readers.