Sunday, 1 April 2007

Zippos Circus Is Back In Town

I hadn't been to the circus since I was a junior myself. So, when I heard of Zippos circus coming back to town, I was probably the first one to buy tickets. My childhood memories of the circus are affectionately recalled with over sized, wobbly and later messy cotton candy, soft melting ice cream, peeling laughter at the clowns, and wondrous amazement at the sight and smells of the animals. I wanted ChiChi junior to experience the same. And So we went.

Zippos Circus, with a large tent occupying most of the heath in Blackheath is an inviting scene. With the colorful banners, ice cream stalls, and Zippos smiling face painted everywhere, I doubt any child (or adult) would resist going in. There is always something intriguing and mystical about a travelling circus; gypsy life comes to mind with passionate dancers whirling round an open fire, inflamed love affairs and living on the edge kind of life. But those are just my thoughts running away with me.

Zippos Circus at Blackheath is themed this year around the Wild West (with beautiful show girls to add to the glamour). All the performers are clad in Western gear, even the memorabilia center around the same thing (Western hats) and of course other shiny bits and bobs that had the children wailing, pleading and dealing with their parents.

The circus performance in itself, although quite long (it's a two-hour show) was captivating. Pure old-fashioned fun. The acrobats were fantastic and received squeals of delight from the audience. Truly memorable performances are the tight-rope acrobats, the female flying acrobat and the Mohicans.

I personally thought the horse show was quite boring (although the horses so majestic) and the kids seemed to shift in place at the bird performance. But all in all it was a diverse show with something for everyone. But, prepare to be picked or have water sprayed at you if you choose to sit in the Ring Side seats. We chose the Side View seats which were just fine.

The kids can also enjoy having their face painted by the clowns, and birthday parties can be booked at the premises. Tickets can be bought at the site or online (you get discounted tickets which we did and you just present them at the door without having to queue at the box office) at As the ring leader concluded "You're never too old, too young or too cool to visit the circus". So what are you waiting for? The tent calls!

The Circus runs until April 10
Official Website:

On Weekends, in addition to the circus, kids can also enjoy the donkey rides in Blackheath.


Zippo said...

I am glad you enjoyed my circus, and thank you for giving such clear detail on DIB (discount internet booking)
Zippos is grateful to Glendale and L B Lewisham for facilitating our annual Easter visits to Blackheath. We bring a new show every year. Zippos would also like to thank the immediate Blackheath residents who are so kind and welcoming to us.
Sincerely Martin “Zippo” Burton
Just one correction, all our dancers are “English Roses” although some of the fantastic feathers they wear may have come from more exotic birds.

Whimsy ChiChi said...

well zippo, it's great to have feedback from you. Glad you liked the piece and Whimsy ChiChi would like to extend a sincere apology for the mistake about the dancers. (Should have been more thorough) but thanks for making it clear. Again, enjoyed the show and would recommend it to anyone.