Sunday, 22 April 2007

Cafe Sol (3/5)

If you're into Mexican food, you'll love this place. If you really really love Mexican food, then you'll disregard all else and remind yourself that you're there for the food. And good food it is!

Cafe Sol in Greenwich is probably one of the most busy cafes in the area. It's interior design has an American Wild West theme that comes complete with Boleros and material cacti. The tables are packed close together though and at times it feels as if they were all joined into one. But it does have a homey feel to it, and it is quite airy with a lot of light flooding the place.

The most prominent item on the menu are the ribs as are the Burritos. I do recommend the Nachos for starters although the portion is barely enough for sharing but to be honest you really can't go very wrong with them. Another recommendation would be the Chimichanga. Yummy! Another high scorer is the burgers; probably the best in town.

The only sore point of the menu though is the kid's section where clearly the idea has been lost on the owners. It is just a mini version of the original one; not really diverse enough for picky eaters who need to be kept happy for all to enjoy the meal. And the food, once it finally arrived, was too spicy for little ones.

The service on the other hand is another story. The waiters are too slow, extremely annoying and the place does not score big on hygiene. Remind yourself, you are there for the food though. The order took forever to arrive and the children's food always came last for some odd reason.

I would visit again if only for the food. But they honestly have to up the game and work on the staff.

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