Friday, 30 March 2007

Mogul: Indian Cuisine (8/10)

Let me get one thing off my chest first. I don't particularly fancy Indian food. It's not that I don't like it, but having had an Indian cook for some time when living abroad for a while, has made me choosy when it comes to Indian cuisine. Time and time again I honestly feel let down. I aim high (as I should with any place I'm paying at to eat) and I feel unsatisfied each time. Not the case this time round though. I am happy, I am satisfied and this did turn out to be a happy story after all.

The Mogul in Greenwich has to be one of the best places I've been to that offers the closest thing to Indian cuisine. When I first went in, I have to admit that I was a bit taken aback by the small size of the place. It is so small that I literally heard the entire conversation of the group of people seated right next to my table. Even if you whispered there was bound to be someone who could hear. So if you're out to make confessions of a lifetime to someone, better save that to the ride back home where even on a bus you could get more privacy.

But the criticism truly ends there. The food is absolutely divine. For starters Mr. ChiChi and I ordered the Onion Bhajia which was just lightly crispy and tasted of just the right amount of cumin. Divine. It came with a yogurt dressing that was in perfect harmony as well. Although it was deep fried, it didn't have the oil dripping off it and that is what really made me sure that it was fresh that day.

Another starter we tried was Aloo Chana Poori. This is their bestseller by far. If you go there, you have to get it. It is spicy chickpeas and potatoes served on a deep fried whole wheat poori. It is a great dish for sharing and you might just be satisfied with that as your starter and nothing else. But you will want more and more of it. It is that good. But as we were hungry we even added two poppadums to our starters that we ate with the complimentary chutneys. It was worth it.

For our main course, we asked for the chicken Malai Murgh, the sauce was amazing, cream sauce with cashews, almonds and sultanas. This is a hot dish, but you can have it a bit on the medium chili, but even then it is quite spicy. But I have to admit, the rich cream does tone it down a lot. At the end of it, Mr. ChiChi announced that this would be his dish from now on. I agreed without hesitation.

For our main course we also tried the Hara Murgh, which are chicken strips cooked in a fresh and zingy tasting sauce of pureed mint, coriander and tamarind. Now that was spicy but I happily ate it all. We also went for the Acharia gosht which seems to be a speciality of the place and it was as wonderful as the waiter promised. The night was going beautifully.

I have to admit, the place is cosy (maybe crammed), and if only they had the music a bit higher up, that would have provided a bit more privacy. You are literally sitting close to the people next to you, you might as well be seated at the same table. But the waiters are friendly and know the menu, the service prompt and the Cobra beer is a must.

All in all, a most enjoyable evening. But do come early or reserve, the place, especially on a weekend is jammed. The seating area downstairs is classy and cosy and can be reserved for private events. This place is a Greenwich hot spot, and it's prices inexpensive as well (around 30 pounds for two). And they do take-away and delivery (for orders over fifteen pounds) as well.

10 Greenwich Church Street
London SE10 9BJ
tel: 029-8858-6790/ 1500
Opening hours:
Mon-Sat (12 noon - 2:30pm & 6pm- 11:30pm)
Sun: 12 noon - 11:00pm

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