Monday, 5 February 2007

Today Is Sickie Day!

The first Monday of February is officially - or perhaps unofficially - the most popular day of the year for workers to pull a sickie. Post-Christmas blues, poor weather, credit card bills and a long wait for the next holiday have all been blamed. Of course it's going to cost the economy, but can I help it? Can You? We're tired and even the thought of Valentine's Day is enough to keep most of us hybernating through February.

So here I am this morning, faced with the dilemma 'ToWork or Not to Work", when it suddenly dawned on me: What alternative have I got? See, yesterday, was Sunday; no working, no ironing, no cleaning, no washing day, just plain about nothing day. Nada again on Saturday before that. Fantastic.

Now come Monday though (survey or not), one becomes a little skeptical. I could work a bit, (not too much though, afterall wouldn't want to ruin the survey) then give myself a long break around lunch time - one that extends itself to tomorrow morning.

However, Leslie Nielsen once said: "Doing nothing is very hard to do ... you never know when you're finished". Having remembered that, the past two days have absolutely exhausted me out. What harm could one more day do I reason as I reach for the phone. "hello, boss, cough cough..."

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